Hand Carved Calligraphy Holders

Here are some of the Calligraphy holders I have carved over time. Head over to the store to order a custom holder or to purchase one I have ready to go.

Ebony, Holly and Bloodwood

The three holders in this picture are carved using Ebony, Holly and Bloodwood. 

Laminated Pine Holder

This abstract design was carved in Laminated Pine. 

Dragon Tail Curve in Tree of Heaven

This Dragon Tail Curve design was carved from a beautiful piece of Tree of Heaven. This design can be custom ordered in the online store. 

A flight of Dragon Tail S holders in Cherry

These were part of a larger order. Cherry is such a lovely wood to carve. 

Starry Night in Ebony

Ebony and Brass go well together in this Starry Night holder design. 

Dragon Tail Curve with Acrylic accents

Experimenting with combining wood and Acrylic in interesting ways.