Copperplate Workshop

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When: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov 26, 2017


Parkway Forest Community Center
55 Forest Manor Road
Toronto, ON M2J 1G3


I will be introducing my system for learning Copperplate Calligraphy in this 6-hour workshop. We will work through the fundamental forms for both the minuscule (small) and majusucles (capital) letters.

This class is open for both beginners and those with experience in Copperplate or other pointed pen scripts. Those new to this style of writing will leave with a good idea of the structure of the letters and start off with a solid foundation. The more experienced participants will be able to refine their work under my guidance and work on any challenges they are facing.

I keep the class size small so I can spend time and go through the entire process with each participant. This allows me to help with the challenges unique to each and explain things in more detail. 

You will need the following supplies for this workshop:

  1. Oblique Holder. An oblique holder is recommended for right handed participants. Straight holder will do for left-handed participants.
  2. Nibs. I recommend the Hunt 101 or Hunt 22 from Speedball. These are available at Curry’s or De Serres. (Please make sure your nibs are prepared to take ink – new nibs need to be washed with detergent/toothpaste to make them ready for use).
  3. Ink. Walnut ink, Higgins Eternal, Parker Quink Blue-Black, Pelikan Brilliant Black are all good options.

We will provide everyone with printed copies of the instructions as well as the guidelines and paper.

The venue is located in North York near the Don Mills subway station – about 30 minutes by TTC from downtown Toronto.

I will only be taking 10 students for this class so please do sign up as places fill up quickly.