Magnusson Replica Holder

Here’s a holder I made last year. This is an attempted replica of the famous and much sought after 12″ long Magnusson holders. It was an interesting project as I don’t own a lathe and my hand drill had died some time before this project. This made for some tough challenges and interesting solutions.

The proportions are based on a picture of the original holder and are approximate. The holder works well in my hand so I guess they are close enough. The long stalk was difficult to do with my bare hands but I got help from a 2″ length of thin bamboo. The bamboo was split and padded with some foam that held rough grit sandpaper on both sides of the stalk – a fair bit of going back and forth resulted in an acceptable finish and size.

I had planned on shaping the end to match the original but liked the organic shape that resulted naturally and left it at that. I now feel that it should have been reduced somewhat to keep the weight at the end down.Â

Magnusson Replica Holder in Dark Walnut

The holder feels surprisingly good and doesn’t feel unbalanced at all. I liked it so much that I made another one, albeit with a shorter stalk and a thicker grip, to accompany it.

Magnusson Replica Holder with Junior version

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  1. Have you planned do more of this and sell beautiful item? I’ll very glad if you could notice me when this happen.. and how could I ask for more information.

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