The prayer of St. Francis

This was done for a penmanship contest to promote the San Francisco Pen Show. My entry won a wonderful Namiki Falcon with a special Oblique Italic nib with added Flex that was very kindly offered by Mr. John Mottishaw of

The innermost ‘Lord’ and the outer circle of virtues is written in German Gothic script in Pelikan Brilliant Brown. The ‘Make me an instrument…’ circle is written with Higgins Eternal Black in Uncial script. The two rings in lighter color in between are written with Walnut Ink available in crystal form in vertical Italic and Uncial scripts. The panels are shaded with soft colored pencils.

Here is the entry:

The prayer of St. Francis

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  1. This is beautiful! It is no surprise that it won a prize. Thank you for posting your work!

  2. Do you sell these as prints? Because I would buy it. I’d buy the original if it’s for sale but I’m expecting it’s not.

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful! Did you not post this on FPN?
    How may I get a copy for my wall?
    Just beautiful!

  4. Thank you Wendi.

    I did this for the San Fancisco Penmanship contest held on FPN in 2011 so you might have seen it there already.

    I have uploaded scans of a few pieces I get requests for on If you decide to order a print from them I would suggest choosing the small size (11×11) as it will match the original most closely. I’ll be happy to make another one for you by hand if you would like an original (of sorts 🙂


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