Eggs -> Omelet = Short Holder

Here’s another holder I made today. I was working on some ideas for a regular sized holder when it snapped in half. I decided to go with the flow and see what comes out – here’s the result.

It doesn’t feel all that much different than regular holders. As you can see the grip is normal and the holder extends a little beyond the grip so it doesn’t ‘feel’ short – it just is 🙂

Its about 11 cm long excluding the nib and is made out of walnut.


I’m adding a few more pictures to show the detail of the ‘tail’ better.



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  1. Thanks Kim. You’re right – it does look like a whale’s tale in the pictures.

    The part that goes up is actually shaped like a leaf and the part that bends down over itself and twists around is more round than flat – but you can’t really see that in these pictures. I probably should take some that shows this.

    Thanks for the comment.

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