Welcome to my blog. I am going to use this space to catalog the things I make and try and describe the process involved in creating them. I might add a note from time to time on things that happen to occupy my mind.

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  1. Salman, very beautiful calligraphic work and one can see that you put your soul into it. .

    I am a rank amateur, but like calligraphic nibs. Used Lamy w. 1.5 and 1.1 Sheaffer calligraphic set. Sadly both lost. Have one or two italics and stub on Peli’s and P51 customised. .

    Would you recommend a Dollar calligraphic pen ? I was thinking of acquiring. Osmor\oid set can sometimes be found quite reasonably priced.

  2. Dov – thanks for the kind comment.

    The Lamy 1.5 and Sheaffer 1.1 are nice nibs. I have the Lamy 1.5 and enjoy writing with it. Sadly I lost the Sheaffer 1.1 but enjoyed using it when I had it. The Lamy 1.5 nib actually puts down a line at about 1.2 mm and is quite smooth – its very nice for practicing and general doodling. I enjoy italic nibs and have several nibs on Parker Vectors ranging from 0.9 to 2.2mm. One of my recent experiments was making an automatic pen that turned out well.

    I use Dollar pens for calligraphy – but not the calligraphy pen. I find the Dollar Qalam (Calligraphy) pen to be fine for everyday writing but not calligraphy – kinda like a stub nib. I did find that the nibs from cheap Inoxcrom pens fit perfectly in the Dollar sections and are long enough that you get just the right length when they’re ground as left-foot obliques at about 40 degrees – perfect for Arabic calligraphy. I’ll be writing an entry about this soon.


  3. Hi Salman,

    Visiting from WetCanvas! Glad you’ve started a blog! I’m excited to see your Arabian calligraphy. Very impressed with your Western calligraphy, too!

  4. Thanks for nice comment – and encouragement for the Western calligraphy. I’ve just started and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the journey as I learn the nuances of various hands.

    I’ve visited your site and have found your calligraphy to be awesome. I particularly like the Robert Burns quote you’ve done in walnut ink.

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